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Leland CO2 TapGas
  The cylinders are packaged in a convenient 2 pack. Use both cylinders for 1/2 kegs, use only 1 cylinder for 1/4 and the new 1/6 kegs.
Cylinders are packed in a recyclable PET 2 pack. There are 12 of these 2 packs per shipping carton.
50502 Leland CO2 TapGas Cylinders 1/2 Keg Pack 2 pack

Authorized resellers receive highly competitive quantity discounts.

  New packaging saves precious trees! Leland has converted many of its paperboard based packages over to recyclable PET packages in a companywide effort to reduce paperboard. This initiative first began by analyzing paperboard consumption for all sold products. The majority of usage was in replacement cylinder packaging for the popular CO2TapGas products which support the Leland CO2 PicnicTap product line.

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