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NASCAR FANS Improve Your Drafting Technique

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ April 5, 2010-- Leland Gas Technologies brings racing fans the ability to draft their favorite beer with CO2 right at their tailgate in a single compact portable unit�the Leland CO2 PicnicTap�. This all in one unit attaches to all size kegs and gets you drafting in seconds using pure beverage grade CO2.

Keg beer doesn�t have preservatives, so pushing air into it with a hand pump only forces out the carbonation making it go flat in no time. Air also contains bacteria which is bad for beer. Every bar in America uses CO2 to dispense draft beer and since Leland makes CO2 cylinders and regulators, this portable drafting product was born.

The unique feature of this draft dispenser is that the regulator, with single point adjustment, is built right on to the unit. There is no complicated set up. All you do is screw in a CO2 TapGas� cylinder, open the faucet and enjoy the best tasting beer you ever had. You adjust the amount of foam by regulating the pressure on the single point adjustment knob. There is even a calibrated pressure gauge so you know right where you�re at.

At $9.95, one CO2 TapGas� cylinder is enough to preserve and push out a full sized half keg when it�s warm out. If you�re in a cold climate, you�ll need two cylinders because CO2 doesn�t expand as much in cold weather. Even so, there is nothing worse than a flat glass of beer and with the Leland CO2 PicnicTap� that just won�t happen. No wasted beer and the party goes on long after the final lap. Track fans will be sure to pit in your area once they see your set up.

The CO2 TapGas� cylinders are easy to find at beer retailers or you can contact Leland and they�ll make sure the UPS driver drops off the gas in time for your next race. The entire Leland CO2 PicnicTap� comes in a grab-n-go suitcase fully assembled with 2 CO2 TapGas� cylinders for $249.00.  Leland 800.984.9793 www.MrFizz.com

About Leland � Leland is a 43 year old ISO9001:2000 registered company bringing unique gas products in the beverage, medical, sports and safety industries.

Contact: Frank Solazzo or Lee Stanford

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