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It's a refrigerator conversion kit that comes with CO2 and all the tools needed to add draft beer to your refrigerator.

Draft beer is cheaper per 12oz. glass than bottled beer.

COMPARE IT TO ANY KIT- we send you home with the right stuff, don't be fooled by cheap prices and empty CO2 tanks.

Click to check out the 10 minute installation video. No naked models squirting water through their teeth, just the facts.


?California Residents? Prop 65 Warning: 
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California
to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Why is this applicable to this product? To learn more please click here.

Look at what you get in the Leland CO2 FridgeTap? kit!
  - A 2 pack of the CO2 TapGas? cylinders- That IS A $19.99 VALUE
- The Stainless Steel Drip Tray?find it anywhere at $18.99
- The Leland gas regulator with lifetime warranty alone is $155.00
- The professional bi-metal hole saw goes for over $14.00
- Cleaning brush and faucet wrench is always over $5.00
That is over $220.00 worth of real restaurant grade equipment PLUS you get the Coupler, Faucet, Shank, Beer lines with Stainless Steel attachments and the CO2 lines - ALL ASSEMBLED AND READY TO USE!
Don't look like an idiot in front of your family and friends by buying a cheaper quality unassembled product. Do right the first time.

Any Fridge, Any Time, Bring It On.


The inside space of the refrigerator remains useable.

Most refrigerator conversion kits, like the Micro-Matic version, come with an EMPTY big bulky CO2 tank. Those big tanks leak and take up so much valuable inside space. And who wants to drag that tank around to get it refilled?

The Leland CO2 FridgeTap? comes ready to use with enough gas for hundreds of glasses of beer.

Shown with a 1/6 keg.

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