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  The Leland Flex Hose TapTM system makes dispensing
and preservation of kegged beverages simple, safe and fun.
  Attach the coupler to the keg,
screw in the gas cartridge
and you're done.

Select the gas based on the beverage type:
-CO2 is for beer and soda
-Argon or Nitrogen is used for Wines

Screw in the cylinder and hang the regulator off the side of the keg with the supplied bracket.

Dispensing from 1/6 kegs has never been easier.

System attaches to any sized keg for instant professional dispensing.

Choose your system based on the beverage type:

Wine in Kegs
    Model 50570 Leland Flex Hose TapTM wine dispensing and preservation kit. Comes assembled with easy to follow directions & two argon gas cylinders. Only metal touching the wine is our special 304 Stainless Steel coupler insert.  Uses Argon gas.
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Argon gas cartridges are the heart
of the dispensing and preservation system.

Triple filtered beverage grade, welded seal for no leakage. Only use what you need.

2 pack of Argon cartridges
24 pc bulk package

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CONTACT US for Nitrogen cartridges or questions.




No Pumping!      


The only thing missing in this picture is the keg.

CO2 preserves the beer for weeks.
Attach the Flex Hose Tap
? system to the keg and begin to pour.
Turn on the gas supply while pouring to the desired flow rate. Just a few PSI will push the beer without foaming.


Model 50580 Flex Hose Tap? for beer. Pure and simple design guaranteed to keep the beer fresh. Plug in a CO2 TapGas? cartridge and let the regulator do the work. Unit comes assembled and will get you drafting in under a minute.

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If you want to put a faucet and drip dray on your fridge door, then consider the Leland CO2 FridgeTap? Conversion Kit. Please click here.

All of our products
feature our own hand
made gas pressure
regulators. These
have been made
for beverages for
over 30 years.

Our products are clean
and ready for



Don't use Paintball gas!
You do not want oil and metal particulate in your beverage. Restaurants and Bars don't use it.

We produce the finest quality Beverage Grade CO2 cartridge in the world. Leland CO2 TapGas
? cartridges start with a thoroughly cleaned cartridge and then we add triple filtered pure CO2 and weld them closed. No leakage and no chance for contamination to get in.

2 pack of CO2 TapGas
? cartridges   
Case of 24 CO2 TapGas
? cartridges 

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