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Leland CO2 FridgeTap?product gives new life to clunker fridges
SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ May 1, 2010- As tax refund checks arrive in homes many will put that
money to good use and remodel their kitchen. The first appliance eyed to be replaced is usually
the refrigerator. Although President Obama had put together a �cash for clunker refrigerator?/span>
program, many will choose to keep their older refrigerator, but not necessarily just for the storage
of food.
Some will add a beverage dispensing system like the one offered by Leland Gas Technologies.
They call it the Leland CO2 FridgeTap? a complete kit to install a draft dispensing faucet on the
outside of a refrigerator door to �push?beer or soda in a keg from the inside. The device is
powered by a simple CO2 cartridge which has enough gas in it to dispense over 80 12oz glasses
of beverage.
Aside from the novelty of having draft beverages at one�s fingertips, users will realize a real
benefit; equipment payback. The cost of beer in a keg is far less expensive than bottled beer. On
average a 12oz bottle of beer costs $1.15 compared to $0.45 per 12oz glass of draft beer from a
Leland did not create their CO2 FridgeTap?product for that reason though. They are beer geeks;
the ones who know about beverage quality, like how many grams of CO2 are in an ounce of beer
and which hops smell better. They follow micro breweries in North America sending their gas
products to those Brewmasters so that the beer is �treated right?with Leland�s clean CO2
Unlike bottled or canned beverages, brewers of beer and soda typically do not add preservatives
when they package their beverage in a keg. The beverage is kept cold from the brewery to the
retail store and no UV light can penetrate the metal keg. All draft beverages are preserved and
�pushed?by CO2, also key ingredient in the recipe. Lack of CO2 pressure allows any carbonated
beverage to go flat but the CO2 FridgeTap has a unique pressure regulator which keeps the
beverage in the keg effervescent and fresh for 6 weeks or more.
Available for $329, the complete kit comes with the hardware, hose and regulator pre-connected
for ease of installation. The company also includes a professional hole saw so that the faucet can
be mounted perfectly on the refrigerator door. All of the components including the stainless steel
drip tray are commercial restaurant grade. Two filled CO2 cylinders top off the kit so that all you
need to do is grab your electric drill, a wrench and you favorite keg of beer. The product will be
available at refrigerator and beer retailers and on line at www.MrFizz.com.
Contact: Lee Stanford, President Leland Limited Inc. 908-561-2000 boss@MrFizz.com
About Leland
Since 1965 Leland has been making high pressure disposable gas filled cylinders filled with CO2,
N20 and N2 for the beverage, safety medical industries.
Press room available at www.MrFizz.com

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